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Please contact me via e-mail to:

  • Inquire about personalized digital imaging training
  • Schedule a speaking engagement
  • Invite me to work with your students or staff
  • Be an artist-in-residence
  • Work on digital camera and/or software development
  • To purchase artwork
  • Comment on this website, my books, and/or artwork

Please include a phone number, convenient time for me to reach you, and which country and time zone you are in...I wouldn't want to wake you up!

I will contact you as soon as possible - due to my traveling schedule this may take 24-48 hours. hair bundles

Katrin Eismann the Photoshop Diva


Thank you:

Working digitally requires collaboration, cooperation, and a lot of help from friends, colleagues, business associates, and students.

I would like to thank the many people that have helped me in my professional career:

  • David Rhodes - President of the School of Visual Arts.
  • Josef Porkorny - For recognizing that I could rise up to the challenges that you created for me.
  • Deke McClelland - You put up with my grammar, endless questions, and let me learn by working with you.
  • Diana Smedley - A digital diva for your work at Extensis and Macromedia - you've showed me to set and go after higher goals.
  • Beth Rogozinski - For inviting me to participate in the SGI Vanguards of Visual Computing and introducing me to Marvin Minsky and his macreme tie.
  • Ihor Makara - For your generosity and time whenever I had yet another art project to complete - you make me look very good!
  • Judi Tanzman - For seeing that I could and would do the Disney Gallery justice.
  • Elmo Sapwater - For the non-digital discussions when I was digitally overwhelmed.
  • Photoshop Wizards - Bruce Fraser, David Blatner, David Biedny, Greg Vander Houwen, Myke Ninness, Deke McClelland, Ben Wilmore, Jeff Schewe, Diane Fenster, Stephen Johnson, Martin Evening.
  • My teachers - Douglas Ford Rea, Willie Osterman, Jeff Weiss, Judy Levy, Mrs. Maybe and Mrs. Armstrong - the tougher you were the better I learned.
  • All the artists - That inspire me every single day.
  • All the students - I learn more about Photoshop from you than you'll ever know.

Most importantly, I would not be where I am today without the love and support of John McIntosh.


All images, text, words, etc. were created by me - Katrin Eismann and I am the sole owner of the copyright...that means you cannot copy an image to your hard drive or use this content for anything without my express permission. Ask - I usually say 'yes'!

When in doubt: Whatever you are looking at on the Internet, in a publication, in a film, or listening to on the radio is copyrighted and only the creator, artist, author, programmer, designer, etc. has the right to use that material. When in doubt its not yours.


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